Supine (5 months)

Supine (5 months)

About DNS

DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation) is a relatively new form of rehabilitation that uses the positions of development kinesiology. During the first 18 months of life our brain is pre-programmed to breathe, stabilise and react to changes in our environment in order for us move automatically.

Developed by the Prague School of Rehabilitation, DNS looks at re-training the brain and our locomotor control systems to shift back to the optimum stabilisation and movement patterns we had as babies. Tight muscles, restricted movement range, joint weakness are all fundamentally stability issues. DNS uses assessment, exercises and functional training strategies to restore our sub-conscious movement patterns for injury rehabilitation and prevention, posture improvement, chronic neurological issues, performance enhancement, balance and stability.

Before commencing any exercise program a full body assessment is required to document any injuries and areas of weakness or tightness. The program can then be designed to meet your own specific requirementsTo find out more info on DNS click here.

Gabriella teaching me DNS has changed my life. Before I was in constant pain, couldn’t sit or move without pain. Now, apart from the odd stiffness I am back to living an enjoyable pain free life. If I do get pain or stiffness now, I practice the techniques Gabriella has taught me and I am back on track. So grateful to Gabriella.
— Nicky, 40, CEO