DNS for Runners - Part 2, Saturday 20/7/19 2-4pm

In DNS for runners Part 2 we will be covering different theory and exercises to what was covered in Part 1 in March. So no need to have been there for Part 1 to join in this time!

DNS can help with spinal stabilisation and mobility, improved breath patterns and distribution of intra-abdominal pressure, hip mobility and functional alignment of the the lower limbs. Overall assisting with injury management and improved performance. For more information on DNS visit http://www.rehabps.com/REHABILITATION/DNS.html

A number of my runners have now replaced traditional stretches with DNS exercises as part of their regular warm up and warm down routine as a way of preventing and managing their pain.

While the theory and exercises covered in this session are great for runners they are also highly applicable to anyone who puts one foot in front of the other! So you don't need to be a runner to join in!

As well as covering some theory there will be a strong practical component to the session so please bring a towel and clothes that you can move freely in and suitable for having your legs in the air!

Please feel free to contact Gabriella on 0431986020 or info@pilateswest.com.au if you have queries regarding the session.